Welcome To Luke 6 Ministries

Luke 6 Ministries is committed to changing the lives of needy and homeless individuals and families for the better in the spirit of Christ through meeting financial, employment, transportation, food, clothing, shelter, and other needs and guiding them into a close walk with the Lord Jesus.

The founders of Luke 6 Ministries, Jason and Pam Crouch, have had a heart for helping those less fortunate for many years.

helping homeless families austin texasWhile involved in a church outreach program during the Christmas season in 2005, Jason met a woman in public housing who asked for a bed for her daughter and a job for herself as Christmas gifts. Coming face-to-face with this type of real, sincere need, it gave him a new perspective.

Over the years, Jason and Pam encountered more and more people who had unmet physical and spiritual needs.  They noticed that they had misjudged the needy, and began to have more love for families with long-term needs and issues.  One day, they had an opportunity to help their church determine the conditions under which the church should give to the needy.

After studying what the Bible has to say about money and giving for weeks, they came to the conclusion that God calls us all to give to anyone who asks of us, expecting nothing in return.  That conclusion, and the effects of acting on it, ended up leading us to launch Luke 6 Ministries, a friend to needy families.

We want to offer our heartfelt thanks to anyone who has ever donated time, prayer, goods, or money to our ministry.  Every single one of you has encouraged us that we are on the right track and should continue down the road of giving to everyone who asks, expecting nothing in return.  We know God will bless you for your gift, love, and sacrifices.